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Dr. Thomas Schulte
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Montag, 3. August 2015

The digital Mob – Cyber bullying in the Internet – by Thomas Schulte, Lawyer in Berlin/ Germany

In the Internet-Era, human beings do not act as human beings any more as long they are hiding behind the virtually anonymus curtain of the internet. Why do people act so mean on the Internet?  Where does this addiction to expose others to humiliate and punish them come from? And why do so many expressively look at those cases when someone is mentally - and as a consequence, often physically in the real world – is being destroyed? Are the "Shamers" -as the Cyber-Bullies are called in the country where this bad habit probably has its Puritan origin, are victims of the herd instinct and battered by the urgent need with the desire to feel superior? Where is the law and the court that protects the victims of cyber bullying?
Cyber bullying is not a German phenomenon, and Google is the multiplier of shame. To many people, the smartphone is right next to the heart and body. 

The Gyges effect – Is this the answer?

What is this beast that lies in us, that is murdering and is stealing? Is it the so-called Gyges effect, named after a shepherd from Plato's "State", which could be hidden using a ring and this used to conquer the bed of the Queen, to murder the king, and to reclaim the throne for themselves? Under the cover of invisibility, so the bottom line of this passage, is also the moral integrity the beast may be because invisibility unleash the worst in our species. There is no sense of responsibility. 

Acting in Facelessness

Humans act faceless in the internet, there is no control und responsibility. 

The virtual freedom of the internet is also limiting the freedom of victims of cyberbullying. Without a special empathy und culture we will soon ask the government for law. Today the courts try to handle the new challenge with law that doesn’t fit.  

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